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Over the years Everest has gained expertise to not only collect on delinquent customers/businesses or skip tracing but also offer inbound collection services where delinquent customers/businesses can call to work on payments defaults. Our team of specialists offers tools and information to analyze the effectiveness of collection activities, get improved strategies and enhance performance and productivity. Our tailored efforts based on the age and urgency of a claim helps us in understanding business needs and try better and proven systems of recovery.

Qualified Employees

Our employees are screened for superior knowledge of credit and collections procedures and excellent customer service skills and reliability so that a rapport can be created between your customers and us Our collectors speak to several customers a day with one goal in mind: Motivate those who can pay to take the action necessary to clear their balance in full. This process is complex and involves our best- in-class technology.

 Don't Give Up
The secret to our success is focusing on those who can afford to pay. Those who cannot are given a variety of alternatives and will be given an opportunity to get back on their feet before we contact them again. We don’t harass, and we don’t give up. It’s that simple.