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Why Everest ?
Administrating customer communications successfully is essential for any business - and as number increases, the job of giving quick & accurate reply to customer becomes tougher. At that time the need of Customer Support to a trustworthy partner arises who can convey enhanced value to your customers and has the capacity to scale with your rising needs.

Order processing enhances customer's experience & helps in achieving the ultimate goal of the business. It is based on specific needs of customer, their buying behaviors, and communication preferences. Everest offers unique and simplified ways to take care of your day-to-day chores of processing orders and taking down sales, purchase, parts or any other type of orders. This could be via phone, email etc.

Following are the processes and benefits of our exclusive Order processing Services:
  • Receive order
  • Validate the quote if applicable
  • Customer verification- new or old
  • Validate contact details
  • Validate PO with customer agreement
  • Check for export controls and denied party status
  • Validate orders
  • Configuration
  • Pricing
  • Credit Check / Payment
  • Fulfillment lead time
  • Terms and conditions
  • Approvals
  • Currency
  • Validate commission details
With these simple procedures we at Everest are here to simplify your job and make things easier for the customer also. High quality service at low costs is our main motto.