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Why Everest ?
Having a special event? Everest is here to cater to all you’re needs like processing, data storage, and ticket generation, web sites to display event details and other information. We would provide all types of support for the event with direct conversations to the customers via phone, email, fax etc. Planning an event can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, we want to make the most of the time and money you invest in these events to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. With the experience of coordinating a variety of events, we will ensure that you meet the objectives of your events. Services
your event management requirement to Everest will provide you with the host of services that includes: designing the basic framework, preparing the marketing plans, hunting for sponsors, working on the logistics, locating the site/destination, contacting vendors, hiring performers, printing/mailing invitation cards, creating menus, looking after the stage/lights, booking the artistes, arranging for transport for different people, and on the D' Day coordinating, planning and finalizing every aspect of the event. Efficient Management
These Event managers will start working months before the event. They have good negotiation skill through which they are able to easily tackle all kinds of situations. As in: able to make strategic & conscious decisions. They are good negotiators and possess incredible qualities, such as: open mindedness, objectivity, rationality, courage, friendly, pro active, intuitive, leadership and generosity & kindness. By interacting efficiently with the clients, our event managers are able to tailor to the needs of the customer. They are extremely responsive to the client’s needs and so understand the customer needs much better. Our event managers are able to work as a team. They believe that individually they are one drop but together are an ocean. They are able to work relentlessly and accomplish the task within the stipulated time. They leave no stone unturned and put frantic efforts to execute the given work efficiently.